Around Me

There’s so many things going on around you. If it isn’t people walking by, it’s cars beeping horns, the little lady down the road crossing the street. The dodgy guy next door people watching from his balcony. Some days it’s easy to let it all pass by without taking much notice.

But answer me this… Does anyone ever ask if you’re okay? What I’ve come to realise lately, which is fucking frustrating, is that people, friends, family may ask if you’re okay, but do they mean it?

When you talk to or meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in ages, I bet you the first three things they say is, have you got a boyfriend/when you getting married? So when you having babies ?! You still living with your parents or have you moved out? When did it get to be, that the success of your life is measured by the above points? You could have all the above things and still not be happy.

When did it become more important to have ticked off these boxes but not even be happy, surely in today’s world, we don’t have to revert back to tradition or ‘the ideal norms’. Shouldn’t it be right that we make our own tradition … as a girl in her late 20s … is it too much to ask, I mean, god forbid I make my own choices surrounding what’s important. To make sure I’m happy and healthy above all else.

I don’t even care what you’re answer is, that’s why the above is one large rhetorical question.

However, I am telling you, next time you speak to an old friend or someone you haven’t seen for a month or two, ask them if they’re happy.

E ❤